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Animating the World of Tomorrow

Animation Concentration

The Animation program at Monmouth explores all aspects of the animation process including storyboarding, character and environment design, 3D modeling, rigging, animation, rendering, and sound. The Department of Art and Design at Monmouth University offers a versatile curriculum to address the expressive interests and career concerns of each student.

Animation is a cross-disciplinary field embracing digital cinematography, entertainment, graphic design, and art. In the program, you will learn how to successfully conceive of and manage complex graphics and animation projects. In addition, you can delve into interactive technologies, experience 3D scanning and printing, and explore novel ways of creating animated sequences. Animation has many applications in fields as diverse as education, entertainment, augmented reality, advertising, scientific visualization, architecture, healthcare, and broadcast journalism. Students in the animation program emerge motivated and prepared for graduate study or professional work.

Monmouth University’s state of the art animation facilities include:

  • Animation / Motion lab outfitted with five professional PC workstations, and four iMac computers
  • Video-editing room with attached sound booth. The editing room is outfitted with a 21-inch iMac, television monitor, a small audio mixer and professional audio speakers.
  • Virtual Reality room with a professional PC workstation, and a HTC-Vive Headset
  • Stop Motion Recording set, consisting of a DSLR Camera, two Tungsten lights, and a laptop with DragonFrame capture software
  • Access to 3D printers, including a MakerBot and two GigaBot printers, and 3D scanners

Want to see more? To view recent animation-related work by Monmouth students, please visit the Monmouth Animation Gallery.