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Career Development

Networking is a process by which information is obtained about careers, companies, and people for the purpose of building personal contacts that eventually will make you known to potential employers. The Office of University Engagement provides a variety of ways to connect with potential mentors.

Mentor Program
Mentors work one-on-one with students and alumni who are seeking professional guidance. They provide guidance on career opportunities and steps that must be taken to capitalize on those opportunities. Mentors help with feedback on job search strategies and interview skills. Whether it be in person, over the phone, or through e-mails, mentors share experiences and insights about what it is like to have a meaningful occupation. They provide advice on building relationships and exemplify the importance of networking. The mentor program motivates students to work toward long-term goals, through full-time employment, graduate school, internships, and other networking forums.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please e-mail University Engagement at

Mentor Shadow Program
Mentors involved with the program host students at their place of business for a one-day Shadow experience during a specific time period (Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.)

Students interested in Shadowing or if you are interested in hosting a student for a one-day Shadow experience, please e-mail University Engagement at

Official MU Alumni LinkedIn Group

Alumni Linked In

Connect on LinkedIn with Monmouth University alumni and take full advantage of this alumni association benefit!

PLEASE NOTE: By registering to be a member of the Monmouth alumni group, you consent to having your name and e-mail address be accessible by the official representative of the Official Monmouth University Alumni Group and to be identified as an Official Monmouth University Alumni Group group member in your profile and the LinkedIn search results. If you do not wish to give your consent, please do not register.