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The Redesigned SAT FAQs

Does Monmouth require the Optional Essay on the new SAT?

No. We do not require that students take the Optional Essay. Likewise, beginning in Fall 2017, we will also not require the Writing section of the ACT.

Does Monmouth accept both the redesigned SAT and the three-section SAT?

Yes. Some students who are applying for Fall 2017 will have taken and will submit test scores from both the three-section SAT and the redesigned SAT. Monmouth will accept both and determine which score is higher in order to decide which test to use for evaluation of your application.

Will Monmouth “super score” the redesigned SAT?

Yes. Monmouth will super score (take the highest sections of different test administrations) either the three-section SAT or the redesigned SAT. However, we will not super score between the two tests. Since the redesigned SAT is a different test, we will not be combining the two.

What is your average SAT score for freshmen entering Monmouth?

Because the redesigned SAT has only recently been administered for the first time (March 2016), we are unable to give an average for that test. However, for our freshmen entering in Fall 2015, the mid-50% range for the three-part SAT was 1390 to 1680 (20 to 25 ACT). More information about scores on the redesigned SAT will be available in the future, once test results have been released by College Board.