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  • 2009 Student Research Conference

    Dean’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Research



    Ruth Adekunle (left) and Julia Arpino

    First Place

    Ruth O. Adekunle and
    Julia Francesca Arpino

    Abstract: E-cadherin Expression in Subconfluent and Confluent Fibroblast Cells

    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dorothy Lobo


    Dr. Michael Palladino (left), Rebecca Tyson, and
    Anoop Shah

    Second Place

    Anoop B. Shah and
    Rebecca L. Tyson

    Abstract: Identifying Target Genes for Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1 in the Testis

    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael A. Palladino


    Darsi Pitchon (left), Michelle Zook, and
    Dr. Dennis Rhoads

    Third Place (Tie)

    Darsi Pitchon and Michelle Lynn Zook

    Abstract: Caffeine and Adenosine Receptor Expression as Modifiers of Adolescent Alcohol Dependency

    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dennis E. Rhoads


    Michael Slisz (left), Marian Gaballah, and Mary Grace Baker

    Mary Grace Baker, Marian Gaballah, and Michael J. Slisz

    Abstract: Contact Inhibition Alters the
    JNK-1 Stress Response

    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dorothy Lobo