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  • Student Teaching


    Use the links below to download the current Student Teaching Handbook and related appendices. The handbook is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF. The appendices linked below are available as Microsoft Word forms.


    The Student Teaching Handbook  


    • Appendix A: Schedule for Clinical Faculty
    • Appendix B: NJ Administrative Code: 6A:9-10.3 Supervision of Practicum Students
    • Appendix C: Lesson Plan
    • Appendix D: Clinical Faculty Classroom Observation
    • Appendix D1: Clinical Faculty Effectiveness Guidelines
    • Appendix E: Student Teaching Midterm Evaluation
    • Appendix F: Student Teaching Final Evaluation - General
    • Appendix G: Teacher Work Sample (TWS) Evaluation
    • Appendix H: Student Teaching Attendance Record
    • Appendix J: Payment for Contracted and Professional Services
    • Appendix K: Cooperating Teacher Progress Assessment #1 (Week 5)
    • Appendix L: Cooperating Teacher Progress Assessment #2 (Week 12)
    • Appendix S: Conference Signature Page
    • Appendix W: Teacher Candidate Video Critique
    • Appendix X: Clinical Faculty Video Critique