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David B. Strohmetz, Ph.D.


Ph.D., Temple University

M.A., Temple University

B.A., Dickinson College

Office: Howard, Room 118

Phone: 732-263-5212


Lab Web site:!social-influence-lab/c16w6

Web site: David Strohmetz

Regularly Taught Courses:

PY207: Social Psychology

PY320: Research III: Experimental Methods and Laboratory

PY491: Research IV: Thesis in Psychology

PY311: Research II: Psychological Statistics

Research Interests:

Specialization in social psychology with an emphasis on methodological and quantitative issues.  Current areas of interest include social influences on tipping behavior, self-expansion motivations and organizational satisfaction, and methodological problems associated with the use of humans as research subjects.

Professional Associations:

Association for Psychological Science

American Psychological Association

Society of Personality and Social Psychology

Society for the Teaching of Psychology

Eastern Psychological Association

Selected Works:


Strohmetz, D. B. (2005). Instructor’s manual with tests to accompany Rosnow and Rosenthal’s Beginning Behavioral Research (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Scholarly Articles:

(* indicates student co-author)

Strohmetz, D. B., Dolinsky, B., Jhangiani, R. S., Posey, D. C., Hardin, E., Shyu, V., & Klein, E. (2015). The skillful major: Psychology curricula in the 21st century. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, 1, 200-207. doi: 10.1037/stl0000037

Rosnow, R. L., & Strohmetz, D. B. (2015). Experimenter and subject artifacts: Methodology.  In J. Wright (Ed.) International Encyclopedia of Social & Behavioral Sciences (2nd  edition), (Vol. 8, pp. 571-575). Oxford: Elsevier.

Cavaiola, A. A., & Strohmetz, D. B.  (2010). Perception of risk for subsequent drinking and driving related offenses and locus of control among first time DUI offenders.  Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 28, 52-62.

Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., & Strohmetz, D. B. (2009). Actions can speak as loud as words: Measuring behavior in psychological science. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 3(6), 992-1002. DOI:10.1111/j.1751-9004.2009.00229.x

Strohmetz, D. B. (2008). Research artifacts and the social psychology of psychological experiments. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 2(2), 861–877, DOI:10.1111/j.1751-9004.2007.00072.x 

Strohmetz, D. B. (2006). Rebuilding the ship at sea: Coping with artifacts in behavioral research. In D. Hantula (Ed.), Advances in social & organizational psychology: A tribute to Ralph Rosnow (pp. 93-112). Mahway, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Strohmetz, D. B., & Rosnow, R. L. (2004). Artifacts in the research process. In M. Lewis-Beck, A. Bryman, & T. F. Liao (Eds.), Encyclopedia of social science research methods. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Strohmetz, D. B., Rind, B., Fisher, R.,* & Lynn, M. (2002). Sweetening the till: The use of candy to increase restaurant tipping. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 32, 300-309.

Rind, B., & Strohmetz, D. (2001). Effect of beliefs about future weather conditions on restaurant tipping. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 31, 2160-2164.

Strohmetz, D. B., & Rind. (2001, June).  The impact of tip recommendations on tipping. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 42(3), 71-73.

Popular Press:

Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., & Strohmetz, D. B. (2009, October 28). The kids are all right: Overcoming a common obstacle to connecting with “today’s” students.

Presentations/Invited Talks:

Strohmetz, D. B. (2013, September). What’s the deal with rubrics? Paper presented at the Atlantic Coast Teaching of Psychology Conference in Red Bank, NJ.

Strohmetz, D. B. (2011, September). Making PowerPoint pedagogical. Paper presented at the Atlantic Coast Teaching of Psychology Conference in Long Branch, NJ.

Ciarocco, N., Strohmetz, D. B., & Lewandowski, G. W., Jr. (2011, January). Teaching through example: How to use empirical studies to teach research methods.  Poster presented at the 33rd Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL.

Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., Ciarocco, N., & Strohmetz, D. B. (2011, January). Teaching the science of psychology: A collection of resources. Poster presented at the 33rd Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL

Strohmetz, D. B., Lewandowski, Jr., G. W., & Clark, A. N. (2010, January). Self-expansion in college: A novel application of the self-expansion model. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Las Vegas, NV.

Nye, J. L., & Strohmetz, D. B. (2009, October). An integrated approach to first-year programming assessment: Practical solutions and creative innovations. Workshop presented at 2009 Assessment Institute sponsored by Indiana University-Purdue University Indiana, Indianapolis, IN.

Additional Information:

Member of the inaugural class of the Senior Leadership Academy, co-sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges and the American Academy Leadership Institute, 2010-2011;  

Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation evaluator (2009 – present)