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Jamie Goodwin, Ph.D.


Ph.D., Ball State University

M.S., Loyola University

B.A., Susquehanna University

Office: Howard Hall, Room 122

Phone: 732-571-3679


Lab Web site:

Regularly Taught Courses:

FY101: First Year Seminar

PY103: Introduction to Psychology

PY 208: Abnormal Psychology

PY220: Research I: Methods and Basic Data Analysis Laboratory

PY 305: Theories of Personality


Dr. Goodwin is a counseling psychologist who is originally from Pennsylvania. Her background is as a clinician. She is a postdoctoral associate at Mosaic Psychological Associates, LLC and Assistant Director of Making Daughters Safe Again, a nonprofit organization providing education to professionals, survivors and the general public on the topic of mother-daughter sexual abuse. Her non-psychology activities include wine-tasting, travel, playing with her baby daughter, and having lively online discussions about television programs.

Research Interests:

Attachment theory, friendships and relational aggression/victimization, gender issues and feminism, couples and family counseling, human sexuality and sexual assault.  Additional interest in the psychological and sociocultural aspects of internet fandom.