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  • Preparing for a Career in Public Health

    Public health officials monitor the health and well-being of communities, including assessing health problems and hazards, assuring access to healthcare, and formulating public policies related to healthcare issues. Health promotion and disease-prevention are stressed. Public health officials are often trained in epidemiology, biostatistics, nutrition, management, and public policy.

    Jobs are available in non-profit organizations, clinics, government agencies, and industry. Many public health training programs are Master’s-level programs, which can be completed in approximately two years.

    For more information on public health careers, see the ASPH Web page.


    • Prerequisite courses vary by program. Courses in science, social and behavioral science, statistics, and communication are suggested. Check individual programs of interest.
    • Most schools require a standardized entrance exam (MCAT or GRE), check individual programs.
    • Experience working/volunteering in a public health setting (clinic, non-profit agency, health departments)
    • To apply, most schools participate in a centralized application service, SOPHAS.