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  • Minor in Religious Studies


    The modus cogitandi of various religions in time and space, with their substantial differences, may prove very valuable for students. Moving through different cultures, the Minor will provide an introduction to the “religious mind” and an understanding of various religions that often resolved and resolve in military and sectarian conflicts fomented by fundamentalist hatred. Students will be introduced to various Religions through the study of some original texts. The Minor in Religious Studies will give a well-rounded synthesis and a holistic view of World Religions.

    While this rationale does not assume that any religion is in possess of the absolute truth, the alternative is not some kind of wild relativity in which anything goes and all views are equal. The intent of a Minor in Religious Studies is to introduce students to different frames of mind through the critical and objective analysis of the topics. Answers to the religious/philosophical problems must be reasoned, consistent, coherent, and integrated into a structure that sheds light on the world and on life as a whole. Thus, the various religions will be viewed and interpreted with criticism and objectivity, emphasizing the variability and relativity of belief among historical periods and geographical locations.


    Anthropology Majors, History Majors, and Political Science Majors are those students who can benefit the most from a Minor in Religious Study. Also students, who want to enhance their preparation for advanced studies in International Relations or in International Business or in Religious Studies, will find this Minor to be very helpful for the understanding of a world that is going through fundamental changes. In short, all students will benefit from this Minor as an additional perspective that can only deepen the comprehension of the global society in which we live.