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  • Three Reasons To Minor In Philosophy At Monmouth

    (1) A philosophy minor helps you stand out when you apply for jobs.

    Prospective employers reviewing your resume will be impressed by a philosophy minor for several reasons. The first is that the degree signifies that you have a well-rounded education and that you are capable of thinking independently about challenging questions. Second, a philosophy minor shows you are able to recognize assumptions, think logically, solve complex problems, and understand both sides of an argument. And, finally, employers that see you’ve studied philosophy will be aware you know how to ask the right questions and communicate your ideas effectively. These are skills that are valuable in any field, and they are also skills that will help you adapt as your profession changes.

    (2) A philosophy minor complements any major when you apply for graduate school.

    In philosophy classes you gain valuable thinking skills that can prepare you for graduate study in any field.

    The success of philosophy students on graduate school admission tests demonstrates that studying philosophy is good preparation for any future career:

    • On the GRE, philosophy students have the highest average verbal reasoning and analytic writing scores of students in any major, and they have the highest average quantitative reasoning score of students in any humanities major.
    • On the LSAT, philosophy students have the highest average score of students in any humanities major, and they have the third highest average score of social science or natural science majors, trailing only math and economics.
    • On the GMAT, philosophy students have a higher average score than students in many majors.
    • On the MCAT, philosophy students score higher than any other humanities major.

    (3) A philosophy minor can be completed efficiently and in tandem with any major.

    The Monmouth philosophy minor requires only five philosophy classes, at least two at the 200 level or above. Some Perspectives classes can count toward the philosophy minor, and many philosophy classes will also satisfy General Education requirements in both the old and the new General Education curriculum.