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  • Don Swanson

    Don R. Swanson, EdD, CLP

    Chair, Department of Philosophy, Religion, & Interdisciplinary Studies
    Professor of Communication
    Plangere Center, JP224

    Former chair of the Department of Communication for 14 years, Dr. Swanson was appointed to serve as chair of the Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Interdisciplinary Studies in 2010 because of his education, experience, and research. Specifically, his interdisciplinary doctorate in Communication, Business Administration, Psychology, and Educational Administration is in training and organizational development with an emphasis on conflict management.

    Dr. Swanson is an academic generalist with strong interests in critical thinking and argumentation, the nature of language behavior, intercultural communication, cross-generational communication, and leadership communication. He has a passion for the application of theory and learning, as he also works as an executive coach, conflict coach, mediator, trainer, and speaker.

    Prior to coming to Monmouth University, Dr. Swanson was associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Guam. His teaching and consulting experience in Micronesia and the Pacific Rim taught him to appreciate cultural differences in communication and behavior. His experience has been applied in his research into, and consulting and training on, diversity management and conflict management in diverse organizations.