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  • The General Education Requirements

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    First Year Seminar 3 FY101 Academic course taught by full-time professor on topic of her or his choice, with ethics, and transition to college component
    Reading and Writing 6 EN 101 and EN 102
    Natural Sciences 6 Two courses from BY, CE, GL, PH, or SC
    Mathematics 3 MA at the 100-level or higher (except MA 101)
    Historical Perspectives 3-6 One or two courses designed with course type HS.SV
    Social Sciences 3-6 One or two courses designated with course type SS.SV
    Aesthetics and Creativity 3 One graded courses in AR, DA, MU, or TH including performance, studio, and instruction courses
    Literature 3 A non-writing intensive 200-level literature (LIT) class
    Cultural Diversity * 3 One course designated CD, selected from a list of courses dealing with issues of diversity, e.g. race, gender.
    Global Understanding * 3 One course designated GU, selected from a list of courses dealing with global issues, e.g. other societies, other countries.
    Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Human Experience 3 One course designated ISP, selected from a list of courses on interdisciplinary topics, e.g.: Death and Dying, War and Peace, selected from a list of approved courses.
    Technological Literacy 3 One course designated TL, selected from a list of courses; may be inside or outside the major and may include IT 100, IT 102, or CS 102
    Reasoned Oral Discourse 3 Any course designated RD inside or outside the major
    Completion of Two Writing Intensive Courses 0 Selected from a list of approved (WT) courses (credits are within the major)
    Experiential Education (junior or senior year) 0 50 hours per credit through one of the following:
    • internship, co-op, or service learning
    • study abroad
    • a course designated as ExEd

    Course type EX

    * Six credits in the study of the same foreign language automatically fulfill the Cultural Diversity AND Global Understanding requirements.