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  • ESL Program Course Descriptions

    ESL Program Course Descriptions

    Students enrolled in the Summer ESL Program will take the following Brookdale courses for a total of 9 credit hours. Courses are taught by the College's qualified ESL faculty.

    ESL 032 - Advanced English As a Second Language II (3 credits)
    Students will use increasingly complex vocabulary and grammatical patterns. They will make oral presentations and write on topics of interest, with a minimum of errors in syntax and language usage.

    ESL 225 - Advanced English Composition for Non-Native Speakers (3 credits)
    This course is designed for students who have attained near-native proficiency in oral skills, but whose writing skills need to be developed further before they embark upon college-wide courses which require writing.

    LANG 101 - American Pronunciation and Articulation For the Non-Native Speaker (3 credits)
    This course helps refine the American English of non-native speakers. It is an in-depth program that teaches students to understand and use the correct patterns of stress and intonation.

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