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  • English Honors


    To give qualified students advanced writing experience and the opportunity to distinguish themselves.


    Students will apply to the department chair during their junior year.


    3.3 overall GPA; 3.5 GPA in the English major; fulfillment of the intermediate level language requirement for English majors.


    Two courses beyond those required for the English major. One course will be chosen from a list of English 300-400 level courses deemed appropriate by the thesis advisor. The second course will be an independent study in which the student will write a thesis in consultation with a full-time English Department faculty member. The thesis will be orally presented and defended to a committee of at least three faculty members, two of whom will be English Department full-time faculty. The thesis must earn a B or better in order for the student to be recommended to the full English Department for honors.

    Conferral of Honors:

    The Department will notify the Office of Registration and Records of successful candidates, and “Departmental Honors” will be imprinted on the student’s transcript. A congratulatory letter will be provided to the student, as a record of achievement, signed by the chair of the Department of English and the thesis advisor.