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Sue Starke, PhD

Associate Professor

PhD, Rutgers University

BA, Wellesley College

Office: Wilson Annex, Room 510

Phone: 732-571-4418


Fall 2018 Courses:

EN 222 Superheroes: Echoes of Epic

EN 227 Foundations of Brit Lit

EN 513 Shakespeare

Regularly Taught Courses:

EN 201 Literature I

EN 202 Literature II

EN 227 Foundations of British Literature

EN 309 Renaissance in England

EN 315 British Victorian Literature

EN 443 History of the English Language

FY 101 First Year Seminar

Research Interests:

Major interests include Renaissance literature and culture, medieval literature, Victorian literature, and genre theory.



Dr. Starke has published articles on Edmund Spenser, Philip Sidney, and Abraham Cowley, while her book, The Heroines of English Pastoral Romance, was published in 2007 by Boydell and Brewer.