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  • Dr. Kenneth E. and Ilamae R. Knapp Endowed Scholarship Recognizes Academic Excellence and Student Leadership

    Dr. Kenneth Knapp—founding faculty member and former Chair of the Communication Department—established the Kenneth E. and Ilamae R. Knapp Endowed Scholarship to recognize annually outstanding students in the communication department who demonstrated excellence in oral performance, leadership in and beyond the classroom, and significant academic achievement. Since its inception in 2001, more than 50 scholarships have been awarded.

    Merit awards (up to $3,000) are awarded to encourage promising Communication students to continue pursuing academic excellence and to expand their student leadership and extracurricular participation beyond the classroom. Scholarships (above $3,000) are awarded to recognize sustained excellence in performance, academic achievement, and student leadership in and beyond the classroom. Awards are announced and gifted at the annual Communication Department awards banquet, held at the end of each spring semester.

    For consideration, a student must be a full-time student at Monmouth University, as well as a Communication major. The student must have a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average and be classified as a sophomore, junior, or senior for the scholarship year of funding. Most importantly, the student must demonstrate excellence in oral performance, either onstage, at the podium, on the air, or on camera. The award is applied evenly to the fall and spring semester bills. Outstanding students may be awarded multiple years.

    ** Active participation in communication-based student groups such as “CommWorks: Students Committed to Performance,” WMCX (MU’s student-run radio station), Hawk TV (MU’s student-run TV station), PRSSA (Public Relations Society of America), The Outlook (MU’s student-run newspaper), The Verge, and/or MOCC (Monmouth Oral Communication Center) is encouraged.

    Previous Knapp Scholarship Award Recipients:


    John Blair

    Megan Pereira

    Yvette Halawani

    Anna Chamberlain

    Nick Sommons

    Caroline Anzarouth


    Katelyn Nawoyski

    Jonathan Warhol

    Veronica Yurowski

    Anna Chamberlain

    Joe Beselinoff

    Yvette Halawani

    Danielle Branco


    Chris Spirito

    Nicole Vitale

    Kevin Martin

    Britney Dupuis

    Cara Viscardo

    Katelyn Nawoyski


    Allison Macanga

    Britney Dupuis

    Katelyn Nawoyski

    Nicolas Basile

    Samantha Lillis

    Tara Mangold

    Michael Brown


    Kristina Hoover

    Julianna Chiappetta

    Alyssa Nieder

    Irene Serrano

    Stephanie Ramos

    Alyssa Hayek


    Morris Beyda

    Lauren Costello

    Roseann DiMarco

    Jenine Clancy


    Steven Paravati

    Stephanie Petrak

    Andrew Giaccone


    Cara Williamson

    Ashleigh Johnson

    Alexandria Kostiuk

    Joseph Keating

    Daniel Liptak

    Jason Allentoff


    Jacki Murray

    Theresa Soto

    Joanne Licitra

    Ed Occhipinti

    Stefanie Lauff


    Beverly Nevalga

    Jessica Pierro

    Dana Angelo

    Jacki Murray

    Ed Occhipinti

    Patrick Perrotto

    Theresa Soto

    Joanne Licitra


    Katie Horner


    Esprit Smith