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Richard Scherl, PhD

Associate Professor

PhD, University of Illinois, Computer Science

MA & PhD, University of Chicago, Anthropology

Diploma, Madurai University (India), Tamil

Office: Howard Hall, Room 222

Phone: 732-571-4457


Web site: Richard Scherl

Fall 2017 Office Hours:

Professor Scherl is on sabbatical for the 2017-18 academic year.

Regularly Taught Courses:

CS-175 Intro to Computer Science I

CS-176 Intro to Computer Science II

CS-202 Discrete Math

CS-205 Data Structures and Algorithms

CS-432 Database Systems

CS-501A Computer Programming Essentials

CS-501B Program Development

CS-502 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science

CS-503 Data Structures and Algorithms

CS-517 Database Design and Management

CS-520 Intro to Intelligent Systems

CS-522 Knowledge Fusion

CS-618 Data Mining


The focus of Professor Scherl’s research is on logic-based methods of representing common sense knowledge about the world and the development of automated methods for reasoning with these representations. He pursues connections between this topic and work in other areas of computing such as databases and natural language processing, as well as other disciplines such as linguistics, philosophy, and the social sciences.

Professor Scherl has been teaching at Monmouth University since 2002. He teaches courses in the areas of artificial intelligence, databases, discrete mathematics, and programming.

Research Interests:

Artificial intelligence, cognitive science, info systems

Professional Associations:

American Association for Artificial Intelligence, Association for Computing Machinery

Selected Works:

Scholarly Articles:

Scherl, Richard. “Towards a Formal Model of the Decitically Constructed Context of Narratives.” Pages 520-525 in the proceedings of CONTEXT 2015. November 2-6. Larnaca, Cyprus.

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