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    Service Learning is a form of Experiential Education that combines community service and academic learning. Through Service Learning, you will have the opportunity to meet community needs, practice the concepts and skills you are learning in the classroom, and reflect critically upon your experience.

    Service Learning is different from volunteering in that it has an academic component while volunteering does not. Service Learning can be completed for academic credit under the supervision of a faculty member through participation in a service project that is part of an existing course or through EX 287, 387 or 487 "Community and Service Learning Projects." Service Learning will enable you to explore new vistas leading to personal growth, enhanced social awareness, and the building of critical jobs skills.

    Examples of Service Learning include:

    • Psychology majors who teach conflict resolution to children.
    • Communication majors who help with public relations for non-profit organizations.
    • Spanish majors who translate for patients at a local medical clinic.

    How to get started:

    1. Visit the Experiential Education Web site or speak to your department advisor.
    2. Print out opportunities you are interested in.
    3. Find a Faculty Sponsor in your department. (The Center for Student Success can help find a sponsor)
    4. Have your placement approved by your Department Chair and Dean of the School.
    5. Complete the appropriate forms, obtain all signatures and submit the forms to the Registrar if your placement is not part of an internship course.

    To find out more about Service Learning , please visit the Office of Service Learning on the lower level of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center or access the Experiential Education Web site.

    "Service Learning is a wonderful forum where you can learn course content through active participation in thoughtfully-developed and organized community service experiences. Such experiences foster a proactive citizenry, working toward social justice and equity for all."

    - Dr. Shelia Baldwin, Former Assistant Faculty Director of Experiential Education for Service Learning