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  • Selected Resources

    The following sources are thanked for sharing information used in the preparation of this resource guide:

    • A Blueprint for Conducting Faculty Workshops on Learning Disabilities, The University of Connecticut
    • College Students with Disabilities – A Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff, Calhoun Community College
    • Student Handbook on Campus Disability Resource Center Services, Ocean County College
    • LD Services on a Shoestring, LD Training Institute, 1990, University of Connecticut
    • Reasonable Accommodations: A Faculty Guide to Teaching College Students with Disabilities – Professional Staff, Congress (AFT Local # 2334) of the City University of New York
    • College Students with Learning Disabilities, Association of Higher Education and Disability
    • Americans with Disabilities Staff Handbook, 1994-1996, Thomas Edison State College
    • Subpart E, The Impact of Section 504 on Postsecondary Education, by Jane E. Jarrow, Ph.D., Association on Higher Education and Disability