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  • EOF Supportive Services

    EOF Support Services

    The EOF Program provides academic support services. Throughout the college years, students will receive personal, academic, financial, and career counseling. In addition, receiving the EOF grant typically will make you eligible for other state, federal, and institutional grants.


    You are assigned to a specific EOF counselor who advises you throughout your college career. Available services include academic, financial, personal, and career counseling. Helpful "Survival Skills Workshops" are presented throughout the year and include such topics as "Time Management," "How to Be a Better Note-Taker," and "How to Prepare for Exams."

    The EOF counseling staff consists of:

    • Ms. Elizabeth O’Brien – Counselor
    • Ms. Gillian Scott – Counselor
    • Mr. Jared Carrier – Counselor


    Tutoring is always available and strongly encouraged. Our counselors will arrange for you to work with a tutor at no cost to you. In particular, our mathematics specialist provides free one-on-one instruction in mathematics.

    • Mr. Al Fure, Mathematics Specialist


    The program will afford Monmouth University EOF students the opportunity to work together. Our counselors will closely follow your classroom progress (via progress reports) for the purpose of assisting you with the adjustment to the rigors of the University's academic environment.