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  • Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society

    Chi Alpha Epsilon seal

    Chi Alpha Epsilon, a National Honor Society officially endorsed by NADE (The National Association for Developmental Education), was founded to recognize the academic achievements of students in support programs like EOF and Federal Trio programs across the nation. Specific academic criteria for membership include grade-point averages of 3.0 or higher for two consecutive semesters.

    Since 2008, 189 Monmouth University EOF students have been inducted into Epsilon Upsilon, the Monmouth University chapter of the Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society. At the induction ceremony held at Monmouth University each year, which includes a candle-lighting ceremony that symbolizes their enlightenment, the inductees sign their names in the national membership ledger, thereby confirming their honor society membership. Each student is given a membership pin and a blue-and-white honor card, a symbol of distinction worn by students during commencement.