• Colts Neck High School Drill

    Monmouth County Emergency Response Team (MOCERT) Tactical Dispatch Team gathered together to conduct a drill of a terrorist attack in Colts Neck High School. There were a total of thirty MOCERT members led by their Tactical Commander situated in the Monmouth University Joint Mobile Command and Training Center (JMCTC). They were to respond to a scripted scenario involving an active shooting incident which turns into a static barricade in one of the classrooms. One of the main purposes of this drill was also to test the effectiveness a software product called FLOORVIEW in an emergency response situation.

    Colts Neck High School Emergency Response Exercise Brochure

    Featured Article:

    Evaluating information technologies in incident response
    This article was published in the Winter 2011 issue of The Tactical Edge, the official publication of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).