• Rapid Response Institute Short Biographies


    Barbara Reagor

    Dr. Barbara T. Reagor, Director, Rapid Response Institute at Monmouth University, has extensive past experience working with Critical Infrastructure Protection, Environmental Robustness, and Materials Reliability. She was a Contamination Specialist NSEP, NCC, NSTAC, and NCS for Natural Disasters, Sabotage, and Terrorism Events with 34 years experience in Telecom, IT, Computers, and Buildings for emergency preparedness, emergency response, natural disasters, sabotage, terrorism, materials research, vulnerability assessment, database management, critical infrastructure protection/assurance, environmental robustness, and mitigation research.

    Resume: Barbara T. Reagor

    William Tepfenhart

    Dr. William Tepfenhart is currently the Chief Technology Officer for the Rapid Response Institute at Monmouth University, an Associate Professor in the Software Engineering Department and the Director of Graduate Studies in Software Engineering. Dr. Tepfenhart's experience ranges across a broad spectrum of activities (government, AT&T, and MU). He has performed in the role of instructor, researcher, software developer, and author. He trained as a physicist, and his areas of expertise include object-oriented software development, artificial intelligence, and software engineering.

    Resume: William M. Tepfenhart

    Robert Kelly

    Robert M. Kelly Jr., Adjunct Professor - MSEE Stanford University. Synthesis of emerging and existing technologies into useful applications; RFID, large scale systems architecture, and integration; work in all phases of technology development from the lab to customer support; operations, administration, and maintenance (OA&M) of complex computer/communications environments; customer/client and vendor relationship management, especially outsourcing; and processes for quality technology realization and support.


    James Hammill

    Mr. James Hammill is currently a Research Scientist for the Rapid Response Institute and a Certified Disaster Recovery Planner. Prior to joining the RRI, he was Vice President, Government Special Projects, Telcordia Technologies, where he identified business opportunities in the public sector related to Telcordia’s core telecommunications and IT functions. He was co-Chair for the Response and Recovery Chapter with Dr. Reagor for the MIPT publication Project First Responder. He has also held positions at FEMA and AT&T.


    Allen Milewski

    Allen Milewski, Associate Professor. PhD, Brown University. Research programs on Collaborative Processes in Software Development and Emergency Management, Cognitive Strategies for Software Development, and Human Factors/Cognitive Strategies in Visualization and Interruptability in Emergency Management Environments.


    Daniela Rosca

    Daniela Rosca, Associate Professor. PhD, Old Dominion University. Interests include requirements elicitation, analysis and specification, and methodologies for the development and use of business rules.

    Jiacun Wang

    Jiacun Wang, Associate Professor. PhD, Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Field is Software System Specification and Verification. Interests include software architecture, Petri nets, real-time systems, discrete event systems, telecommunication, and networking.


    Richard Scherl

    Richard Scherl, Associate Professor. PhD, University of Illinois. Major Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Automated Reasoning. Other Interests: Databases, Information Systems, Computational Linguistics, and Natural Language Processing. Has worked on representing actions and their effects on the world and the knowledge of agents; utilized both the situation calculus and AnsProlog for representing actions and their effects. Has also worked on the development of question/answering systems. Interested especially in the development of question/answering systems that produce answers by integrating information from a variety of sources and combine reasoning with background theories and natural language processing.


    Cui Yu

    Cui Yu, Assistant Professor. PhD, National University of Singapore. Interests include database management systems, spatial databases, information storage and retrieval, and Motion Queries in Location-Aware Mobile Services.