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    The Office of Judicial Affairs manages the judicial system that protects the rights of the student community. Additionally, the office provides education and support to students as they learn how to live better by making informed decisions.

    Will I be notified if my student violates the student code of conduct?

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) permits colleges and universities to inform parents/guardians of students under 21 years of age when their student has been found in violation of University alcohol and/or drug policies.

    The Office of Student Services may notify parents/guardians of students under 21 years of age when a student is found responsible for:

    1. a violation of the drug policy;
    2. a second violation of the alcohol policy; and
    3. a first violation of the alcohol policy when one or more of the following occurs:
      • a summons for a violation of state law or borough ordinance is issued;
      • the student demonstrates a reckless disregard for his or her personal safety or the safety of others;
      • medical attention to any person, including the student, is required as a result of the student’s alcohol-related behavior;
      • the student operates a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

    For more information regarding Judicial Affairs and/or the Student Code of Conduct, you may contact Student Services at 732-263-5218.