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Inside Monmouth

Signature programs for student engagement. Renowned faculty leading bold research initiatives. New opportunities for study and field service overseas. Outside-the-classroom preparation for career success. These stories define the Monmouth Experience.

Here you can learn first hand what it means to be part of the Monmouth University community. Each story offers a unique perspective on our students, faculty, staff and alumni. See how transformative learning is impacting their lives and those around them.

The Growing Need for Speech-Language Pathologists

A student clinician makes a difference with just a few words while others teach children to communicate.

Gauging Public Opinion

Discovering a future career path at the Monmouth University Polling Institute where public sentiment and policy take center stage.

Exploring the Environment to Protect Our Coasts

Rebuilding a resilient New Jersey Shore and safeguarding our natural resources.

Understanding the Evolving Commercial Real Estate Market

A successful alumnus changes campus and practical applications in real estate education.

Searching for Answers through Science and Research

An advance in Marine Chemistry research and the presentation of team projects at industry conferences.

A Commitment To Human Rights And Social Justice

A veteran answers a challenge and students transform communities at home and abroad.

Meeting the Demand for Skilled Healthcare Practitioners

Alumni change the landscape of local healthcare and students prepare to serve the changing needs of our population.

Supporting the Local Community

Volunteer opportunities on campus turn into lifelong endeavors.

Music Takes Students Around the World

Students bring their talents to The White House, to Italy and beyond.

Believe. Compete. Succeed.

The men's D1 basketball team builds connections on and off the court and student-athletes shine in the local community.

Hands-on Research to Solve Meaningful Problems

Students and faculty collaborate in the classroom, laboratory, library and in the field.

An Alternative Break

Students, Faculty and Staff use winter and spring break to help others around the globe.

Applying The Principles of Entrepreneurship

Students learn the fundamentals to launch several successful enterprises during and after college.

A Wealth of Opportunity Close to Home

Students gain hands-on experience working and living in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Experiencing the Arts at Monmouth University

Visiting Writers take students on a unique journey and a myriad of opportunities to find art in unexpected places.

Immersive International Study, Research & Service

A transforming experience in India and gaining global perspective across the continents.

Bringing the World to Monmouth University

Tom Gallagher ’62 fights for equal rights and international thought leaders interact with students on campus.