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  • Student Activities Board Committees


    The Awareness chair brings a variety of speakers and events on a number of topics, such as alcohol awareness, ghost hunters, academic success, eating disorders, dating, self-defense, and much more!


    The Comedy chair brings approximately seven to eight comedy shows to Monmouth per year. From live comedians to comedy dinner shows, the Comedy chair will supply enough humor to get you through the semester.


    From the latest hip-hop artist to local bands performing shows in the Pit, the Concerts chair organizes a wide range of bands and solo artists to give performances at a discounted rate to Monmouth students.


    The Diversity chair brings a wide range of ethnically diverse programs that appeal to the many different cultures found on campus. Each student can find something that’s linked to his or her heritage.


    The Festivals chair brings entertainment as well as activities such as Casino Night and Fall Fest. This chair makes sure the audience is involved at all times and having fun.


    Novelty games and acts are brought to the student body free of charge. From sand art to wax hands to virtual reality, the Novelty chair will be sure to add some fun to your day.


    The Travel & Tour chair organizes trips to New York City, professional sporting events, and the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center at reduced prices to Monmouth students