• The Marine Science & Policy Initiative Challenge Grant Opportunity


    An anonymous donor has committed $3,000,000 to Monmouth University to support the Urban Coast Institute's (UCI) Marine Science & Policy Initiative. Monmouth University must secure commitments for an additional $2,000,000 by December 31, 2014.


    To significantly enhance the capacity of Monmouth University to conduct needed research and policy analysis, enhance student experiences in and out of the classroom, and support community stewardship of coastal and ocean ecosystems.


    Marine Science & Policy Initiative at Monmouth University

    The Marine Science & Policy Initiative will support Monmouth University's continued leadership, enhanced capacity, and long-term commitment to marine science and policy programs. The Initiative will raise the profile of Monmouth as the state and regional center for ocean and coastal policy by:

    • Expanding Research, Student, and Community Engagement
    • Supporting Collaboration with Rockefeller University
    • Securing the Future for Marine Programs


    The Initiative will enhance our ability to bring best available science and policy to inform community decisions, and increase student opportunities for involvement in critical local, regional, and national coastal and ocean issues.

    Expanding Research, Student, And Community Engagement

    • Significant increase in faculty and student research, graduate research assistantships, and field work on coastal resiliency, ocean management, and ecosystem health
    • Expand research collaboration across the University, including with Monmouth University's Kislak Real Estate Institute and the Polling Institute
    • Support for UCI's collaboration with communities on water quality projects, habitat restoration, hydrography, and community resilience in New Jersey's shorelines, bays, and estuaries

    The Urban Coast Institute (UCI) at Monmouth UniversitySupporting Collaboration With Rockefeller University

    • Four high-level annual conferences, alternating between Rockefeller University and Monmouth University, focusing on such topics as marine life and ecosystem health, post-Sandy rebuilding and resilience, and ocean exploration and development
    • Professor Jesse Ausubel, Director of Rockefeller University's Program for the Human Environment will visit Monmouth University's campus on a regular basis and be available for mentoring students

    Securing The Future For Marine Programs

    • A highly-visible office center for UCI in Monmouth University's renovated School of Science building to provide a large, open space for cross-University collaboration and public engagement
    • Support for UCI research vessels, water quality monitoring stations, flood warning systems, and hydrographic equipment
    • Endowment support for the Director of the UCI, raising the prestige and visibility of the Institute

    By meeting this $2 million challenge, Monmouth University will increase capacity for stewardship of coastal and ocean ecosystems, and provide the region, state, and nation with new research and policies needed for resiliency and sustainability.

    Support the Marine Science & Policy Initiative

    You can immediately support the Marine Science & Policy Initiative Challenge by giving a gift now to the Urban Coast Institute/Marine Sciences program through our website.

    For more information about the Marine Science & Policy Initiative Challenge Grant or to contribute, please contact:

    Keith Richardson
    Assistant Vice President, Leadership Programs 
    (732) 263-5758


    Tony MacDonald 
    Director of the Urban Coast Institute 
    (732) 263-5392