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    2014 Holiday Schedule






    TO :                 All Student Employees and Student Employment Supervisors


    FROM:      Aimee Parks Assistant Director of Human Resources for Student Employment


    DATE:                         November 11, 2014




    Please note that the Student Employment Payroll Schedule has been adjusted  and Ultipro requires your attention during the Winter Break .  The following schedule should be followed for the upcoming pay periods. 






    PAY DATE  



       12/01/14 -12/07/14  

    One week!!!  





      12/08/14 -12/14/14  

    One week!!!  






       12/15/14 -   12/28/14  



    Or no later than 01/12/15  




      12/29/14  - 01/11/15  




    Students should "submit" and supervisors should "approve" all time cards prior to leaving for break if students are done working.


    Time cards are due promptly at 12 noon on Monday, January 12 th for 4 weeks' worth of work.  If you do not "submit" and/or "approve" the time cards prior to Monday, December 29 th , you will need to select "Last Pay Period" to see the dates for 12/15/14 - 12/28/14.  If you do not "submit" and/or "approve" the time cards prior to Monday, January 12 th  for the December 15 - December 28 th  days you will need to complete the following steps:

    1.     Select "User Defined Pay Period"

    2.    Change the "From" date to 12/15/14

    3.    Click on "Search" to update the Date Selection period.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office before  the dates mentioned above.  Late time sheets will be processed the next available pay period.

    The Student Employment Office oversees all aspects of on-campus student employment and off-campus community service. The department is managed by Aimee Parks, the assistant director of human resources for student employment, and is located in the first floor lounge of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. She can be reached at 732-263-5706.

    All U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are undergraduate matriculated students must first complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be eligible to work on campus. Monmouth University's policy on student employment grants preferential hiring status to students eligible for Federal Work Study awards.

    All current and prospective student employees should be familiar with the various policies and procedures affecting student employment. Complete details are available in the Student Employment Handbook, which is updated annually.

    Student workers and supervisors may view the 2014-2015 Payroll Schedule.

    Information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and its related confidentiality agreement is viewable for student employees.

    NOTE: Beginning the week of August 26, 2013, student employees may work a maximum of 26 hours per week during the summer months and winter and spring breaks.

    What is Federal Work Study and how is it awarded?

    The Federal Work Study (FWS) program provides funding for work on-campus in University departments and work in non-profit community service agencies off-campus. The FWS program is designed to promote access to employment, which helps students meet educational expenses. The Office of Financial Aid is responsible for awarding FWS, which is determined mainly from the Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA).

    A Federal Work Study award means that the department for which a student works pays only 25% to 30% of the hourly wage and the government pays the rest.

    What kinds of positions are available?

    On-campus positions are available in many of the academic and administrative departments. Departments that hire students include Athletics, the University Store, Information Support, University Engagement, Residential Life, and Tutoring and Writing Services. Most positions pay between $8.25 and $10.00 per hour.

    What is Federal Work Study Community Service?

    Students with Federal Work Study may also use their award to work at off-campus community service agencies such as Family Based Services, Two River Theater, the Mental Health Association, the America Reads and America Counts tutoring programs, as well as numerous other locations.

    Working either on or off campus provides the opportunity to interact with future employers, obtain references, meet University staff and other students, have fun, and make a difference!

    How may a student with a Federal Work Study award find a job?

    All FWS students should plan on attending the Federal Work Study Job Fair held during the first week of classes in the fall semester. This job fair gives FWS students the opportunity to meet with representatives from both University departments and off-campus agencies that employ students. Students will be interviewed and often hired the very same day.

    All other FWS students can review the Job Newsletter that gets sent to their Monmouth e-mail account. For further assistance, please schedule an appointment.

    How may a student who does not have Federal Work Study find a job?

    According to Monmouth University’s policy on student employment, all student positions at the University are to be filled by those individuals awarded Federal Work Study. There is only one exception to this policy. Non-FWS students may fill positions only when a FWS student can not meet all the valid requirements of the position. All efforts to refer a qualified FWS student must first be exhausted.

    Students seeking a job on campus who do not have FWS are welcome to complete an application for the employment notification list. In the event an on-campus position cannot be filled with a FWS student, students on the waiting list may be offered employment. Applications for the waiting list will be accepted starting on the first day of classes.

    Students seeking off-campus employment may also view part-time job listings, located in the Career Services Office.

    What other duties does the Student Employment Office perform?

    In addition to processing all student time sheets and stipends, the Student Employment Office maintains employment records and supporting legal documents, and conducts training sessions for supervisors. The office also sponsors a number of exciting annual events including Student Employee Appreciation Week, Student Employee of the Year programs, and the Fall Federal Work Study Job Fair.

    Can International students work on campus?

    On-campus opportunities are very limited and competitive. Per Federal regulations and Monmouth University policy, hiring preference for on-campus jobs is given to U.S. citizen and permanent resident undergraduate students who are awarded Federal Work Study. In the event that the positions are not able to be filled by these students, jobs may become available to all others including International students. Off-campus employment is strictly controlled by the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. For further questions about off-campus opportunities please contact the International Student Services Office.

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