• The Monmouth University
    SafeZone Manual

    Click to Download Manual in PDFEveryone who completes SafeZone Training is given their own SafeZone Manual, which contains the following information:


    Section I: SafeZone Overview


    • Purpose of a SafeZone
    • What I Can Expect as a SafeZone Participant
    • How to Create a Safe Zone
    • What it Means to be a SafeZone Participant
    • Guidelines for SafeZone Participants
    • SafeZone Participant Contract
    • What Else Can I Do?


    SECTION II: Ally Development


    • Glossary
    • Symbols in the LGBT Community
    • Cass’ Model of Sexual Identity Formation
    • D’Augelli GLBT Student Development
    • Guidelines for When People Come Out to You


    Section III: Resources For Those Coming Out


    • Questions to Consider Before Coming Out
    • Coming Out


    Section IV: Resources for Educating Everyone


    • Ways Heterosexism & Homophobia Hurt the LGBT Community
    • How Homophobia Hurts Everyone
    • Rainbow Flag
    • 51 Ways to Support LGBT Students on Your Campus
    • Making Colleges and Universities Safe for GLBT Students
    • MU Resources
    • Additional Resources
    • Additional Readings


    This manual can be viewed or printed online in Acrobat PDF.