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  • Office of Grants and Contracts

    OGAC Mission Statement

    The mission of the Office of Grants and Contracts (OGAC) is to enhance the University’s internal capability to generate external funding. This is done by providing members of the University community with a variety of supportive services and assistance that is outlined below. The intention of the OGAC is to make the grant development and submission process as uncomplicated and as user friendly as possible for the Principal Investigator (PI) and the grant development team.

    OGAC Philosophy

    • Grants are an exercise in creative scholarship.
    • The role of OGAC is to enhance the internal capability of the University to generate external funding.
    • OGAC should be the first and last step in the grant proposal process.
    • OGAC should be proactive in working with faculty and administration.
    • OGAC should be catalyst, i.e., internal procedures should facilitate and not impede, and
    • Therefore OGAC should be as accessible and as user friendly as is practical within the context of University policy.

    Grant Services Provided

    The Office of Grants and Contracts will provide interested faculty and staff with a wide variety of supportive services and assistance that includes researching prospective funders, assistance in writing (primarily, although not exclusively, editing), budget development, attendance at meetings and required technical assistance sessions, budget development, assistance in obtaining supportive documents, obtaining necessary University approvals, serving as the liaison to other University offices during the development of grant proposals, and assistance in submitting all proposals, and by providing periodic workshops and technical assistance sessions to faculty and staff on issues of interest, such as the grant development process, budget development, and finding funding sources.

    More specifically, the OGAC will:

    • Develop, maintain, and update a current database and calendar of funding sources and opportunities that are applicable to the needs and interests of Monmouth University faculty, administrators, and other professional staff.
    • Disseminate the database and calendar of funding sources and opportunities to all faculty and staff on a regular monthly basis.
    • Meet with faculty/staff members either individually or in groups to ascertain interests and to discuss opportunities that may be of interest.
    • Conduct focused research identifying specific funding sources for specific faculty initiatives.
    • Serve as a conduit for communication and liaison with other University offices.
    • Provide assistance in proposal development and preparation, to include the development of a common boilerplate, assistance in development of program narratives, edit and analyze content within the context of compliance with RFP requirements and evaluation criteria, and assist in budget preparation.
    • Assistance in submitting the final proposal package to the funding source. All electronic submissions must be sent by OGAC, and all paper proposals should include a cover letter signed by the Director of OGAC.
    • To the extent possible and appropriate, attend workshops and technical assistance sessions required by the funding source.
    • Provide assistance to the extent possible with the management and evaluation of funded projects and programs, as well as preparation and submission of required reports.
    • Provide periodic workshops to faculty and staff in areas such as grant writing and the grant development process, budget development, and the identification of potential funding sources.