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    Dr. Judith L. Nye, Faculty Director

    Dr. Judith L. Nye 732-571-3637

    Associate Vice President, Academic Foundations - General Education
    Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
    Distinguished Teaching Award Recipient
    Dr. Nye’s specialization is in experimental social psychology with primary interests in social cognition and group dynamics. She teaches First Year Seminar and a variety of psychology courses. Current research focuses on small group processes, leadership, and student success in college.

    Bea Rogers, Administrative Director

    Bea Rogers


    Assistant Vice President, Academic Foundations - General Education M.B.A., Monmouth University Freshman Seminar Beacon Award Recipient Provost’s Award for Excellence in Experiential Education Recipient Long Branch Board of Education Outstanding Service Award Recipient

    Alumni Service Award Recipient

    Responsibilities include creative and logistical aspects of managing the First Year Seminar courses: student staff hiring, training and supervision; course scheduling; training and support resources; publicity and marketing resources; and connections with publishers and external resources; assessment; and faculty support and development.