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  • Sponsored Housing Re-application

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Student ID:  
    Please enter only the 7 digits of your Student ID; do not include the 's'.
    This will be used to send a confirmation of your application submission to your Monmouth e-mail address.
    Cell Phone:  
    Gender: Male Female


    Current Class Year: Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate Student
    (Preference will be given to rising Juniors and rising Seniors)
    As of Fall 2013, will you be considered a 5th Year Senior? Yes No

    Housing Renewal

    I do not wish to return to off-campus University sponsored housing for the 2014/2015 school year.   
    If not returning, please explain your reason for this decision:
    I do wish to return to off-campus University sponsored housing for the 2014/2015 school year.   
    If yes, please select the number of months:
    PLEASE NOTE: Pier Village is only available for an 11-month contract at this time.   


    Which Complex do you currently live-in? Pier Village University Bluffs
    Apartment Number:
    Would you like to stay in your current apartment? Yes No
    If you would like to move to another Complex, please select which one:

    Pier Village (11 months)

    University Bluffs (11 months)

    University Bluffs (9 months)

    Is there a specific apartment you would like to move to?
    Would you like to stay with your current roomates? Yes No
     If so, please list their names:
    Are there different roommates that you wish to live with next year? Yes No
    If so, please list their names (As a reminder, all roommate preferences must be mutual):
    Have you received any warnings, either written or verbal from the Residential Life or Management Staff at the complex? Yes No
    If yes, please explain:
    Do you own a car? Yes No
    Please Note:
    All current undergraduate, resident students interested in reapplying to University-sponsored housing should submit a $150.00 Housing Deposit between February 3 and February 14. Once a student has accepted an off-campus housing assignment, their $150.00 Housing Deposit is no longer refundable and they are not eligible to participate in the on-campus Housing Selection. If a student cancels their housing assignment after accepting it, they are subject to a $500.00 cancellation fee and are ineligible for a refund of the $150.00 housing deposit. If you have any questions or concerns about the University-sponsored, off-campus housing please feel free to contact Area Coordinator Eric Mochnacz at emochnac@monmouth.edu or call 732-571-3465.
    I understand that the complex I am requesting to live in is mixed with other members of the community who are not Monmouth University students. This community is "Quiet Friendly," which means noise is expected to remain at a minimum level deemed appropriate by community standards. Any violation of noise or other university policies by me or my guests may result in my immediate removal from housing in addition to judicial action. Any violation of university rules and regulations for the remainder of this academic year may result in my removal from the complex as well.
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