• Karen Schmelzkopf


    Karen Schmelzkopf

    Associate Professor of Geography

    Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1985

    Office: Howard Hall 336

    E-mail: kschmelz@monmouth.edu

    Telephone: 732-571-3602

    Web Site: bluehawk.monmouth.edu/~kschmelz

    Professor Schmelzkopf teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Human Geography, Tourism, Urbanization, and Maps and Mapping. Her most recent project is "Scale and Narrative in the Struggle for Vieques, Puerto Rico," in Environmental Contentions, ed. M. Goodman, Oxford University Press.

    Current Projects:

    Expatriates, power, and tourism; sustainable development and tourism in Vieques, Puerto Rico; theoretical critiques vs. tourist experiences in Disney World; gentrification and the death of creative space.


    Scale and Narrative in the Struggle for Vieques, Puerto Rico. In M. Goodman, ed., Environmental Contentions. Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
    Incommensurability, Land Use, and the Right to Space: Community Gardens in New York City. Urban Geography 23 (2002): 323-343.
    Landscape, Ideology and Religion: A Geography of Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Journal of Historical Geography 28 (October 2002: 589-608).
    Interdisciplinary and the Geography of Tourism. Journal of Geography in Higher Education 26 (2002): 181-195.