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Monmouth University's Center for the Arts will host the Historic Wilson Hall Exhibit from November 1 through December 21, 2012. We are actively seeking artifacts and memorabilia that could be lent to the University for inclusion in the exhibit.

These items would be safely protected in locked glass display cases as part of the temporary exhibit.

For further information please call Eileen Chapman at 732-571-3512 or Kelly Barratt at 732-263-5114

The splendor of the golden age of American palaces will be featured in an exhibit of photographs depicting Shadow Lawn estate as it appeared from 1903 through 1937. The exhibit features images of the original colonial wood frame structure built in 1903 that was destroyed by fire in 1927, and the neoclassical French limestone structure that replaced it in 1929. The exhibit includes images of President Woodrow Wilson making his acceptance speech on the steps of Shadow Lawn, the opulent décor of the interiors, and the greenhouses and grounds that supported the estate.

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Media contact: Petra Ludwig at 732-263-5507

Historic Wilson Hall - Designated a Historical Landmark in 1985