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Monmouth University Communication Professor Andrew Demirjian

was awarded "Best in Show" at the National Juried Competition 2012: Digital Works exhibition at the Long Beach Island Foundation.  The exhibition was curated by Christiane Paul from the Whitney Museum.  For more information, visit


Demirjian’s piece "Scenes from 218 W. 14th St." is an iPad application that controls a calendar month of thirty ten-hour long surveillance videos.


Demirjian is a communication professor at Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ. He teaches media literacy, documentary film, intro to TV production, and responsive media.


The National Juried Competition: Digital Works exhibition showcases innovative works that are created through digital processes, display distinctive digital characteristics, and reflect on the language and aesthetics of digital media. Artistic media in the exhibition include digital prints and photography, sculpture, video, software art, online, and mobile projects. The show attracts digital artists from all over the United States. 


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