• England Summer Study Abroad: Oxford & London


    EN398 Literature of the english civil war (cross listed with hs398)


    • Understand the relationship between technology, culture, and economy
    • Explore great cities of London and Oxford
    • Open to all majors
    • Learn about ethics in use of technology
    Destination   London and Oxford
    Travel Dates   10-day trip: August 25-September 3, 2013
    Flight Information  

    $1300 Round-trip flight to UK & transfers

    Academic Credit   YES. 3-credit hours; No prerequisites needed; Can be substituted for EN 201 or EN 202 General Education Requirement
    • Register for MU 3 credit summer course
    • $1400 - Oxford University accommodation & entrance to all stipulated activities 
    • $1300 - Round-trip flight to UK & transfers
    Application process   Places offered on a first come first serve basis.
    Application Deadline    
    Contact   Prof. Neil Graves
    Dept of English

    Tel: 732-571-3623

    Wilson Annex Room 410

    What MU Students say:

    "I did not want to leave by the time it was over. I feel like this trip took me out of my comfort zone and made me much more culturally aware of my surroundings. Ultimately, this trip was a positive experience that will leave me with long lasting memories. I made many new friendships and learnt and experienced a new culture."

    —Kara Post
    MU Junior

    "Going punting down the river and relaxing in the boat and laughing with everyone have been my favorite activities so far on this trip, and it can only get better with each day."

    —Soraya Quezada
    MU Senior

    "...the moment I have been waiting for since I was eight years old, seeing Stonehenge for the first time in person. They are so mysterious; that humans were smart and strong enough to move them into such a formation is amazing."

    —Lindsey Irwin
    MU Sophomore

    "I had an absolutely fantastic time on this trip to England. I had always wanted to travel here, so it was amazing to finally get the opportunity. We all got along very well and had a great time together sightseeing, eating, and touring the country."

    —Jenna Tshudy
    MU Senior