• China

    China Moon



    • Understand the relationship between technology, culture, and economy 
    • Learn about historic and modern Chinese technological accomplishments 
    • Comparetechnology in America and China
    • Learn about ethics in use of technology
    Destination   Nanjin and Xi'an, China
    Travel Dates   June 2-14, 2012
    Flight Information  


    Academic Credit   YES: 3-credit hours CS-298: Technology in China
    • $650 for lodging, food, local transportation, and tour tickets in Nanjing and Xi’an
    • $1,400 American Airlines
    Application process  
    • Turn in completed “Assumption of risk form”
    • Provide a typed essay explaining why you want to go and what knowledge, skills, or abilities you offer.
    Application Deadline    
    Contact   Prof. Jiacun Wang
    Dept of Computer Science and Software Engineering