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  • Gallery Exhibition: Art in Science

    Triplet Photo Art in Science larger

    January 19th - February 29th 2016

    9:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.
    Pollak Gallery

    Hosting the 2nd Biennial Art in Science exhibition to showcase the artwork of Monmouth University's students, faculty and alumni. The exhibition will reveal the elegance and beauty of science art in scientific results, observations, and failures. Art will be featured in a variety of mediums as photos and digital & traditional handmade artwork. 

    Please visit to learn more about submission requirements and eligibility.  

    Submission will be taken through the following webpage: 

    SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 23rd, 2015

    For further questions, please contact the Counselor and Coordinator of Arts Programming and Promotion,
    Vaune Peck, at or 732-571-3554.

  • Pearl Harbor LegacyNeopocadius nitiduloides faceclub shaped setae (hairs) from the skin of a larval flea beetleLeaf like setae (hairs) on the integument of an ant legNeonPrismSunken MeadowEleven and Nine StarsNine and Twelve StarsFourteen and Seven StarsTen and Five StarsSeven StarsFlamingo's tongueMonitoring dune invasionTropic of CephalopodWaterbabyRashid SanaSharp BeautyMoonlightPensiveGenomic Instability, a Hallmark of CancerCanna CurvesCnidarian SignalThirteen and Sixteen StarsDying for Some ColorInside the CellLiver SinusoidsCotton CandyPurple fuzzTentative OctopusHide and SeekHoneybeeDaisies in an ErlemeyerChemical plant at sunset.Worth A MintGaren LilliesSummer RoseReflections of Us in TechnologyStarted with a MouseLiving in a Colored WorldWhen Doves FlyGolightly with that Color!MapPollution controlSwirling TentaclesCatchin' Some Rays