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  • Master of Arts in Psychological Counseling (30 credits)

    The MA in Psychological Counseling provides students with in-depth knowledge about human behaviors and mental health issues. Students are introduced to the basics of counseling by learning the ethics and theories of psychological counseling.

    By combining rigorous academic course work with experiential study, this program helps students to excel in the traditional counseling field. This program is not designed for those who plan to seek licensure as professional counselors (LPC).


    The MA program offers a core curriculum that gives students a solid foundation in counseling procedure, intervention skills, quantitative methods, and assessment methods. It is comprised of required courses and elective courses, totaling 30 credits. In order to advance through the program, PC 505 Mental Health Counseling must be taken during the first term of study.

    Through this curriculum, students are able to explore current practices in the counseling field. View the curriculum chart here.


    Graduates often find work in:

    • Public Mental Health Agencies
    • Government Social Services Programs
    • Community Support Organizations
    • Human Resources/Relations
    • Community College Teaching
    • Various Applications of Psychological Principles in Business Settings

    "Most of the classrooms are really dialogues. It isn't a lecture—it's a discussion and an opportunity to share. I have to get them to think, and getting them to think is an experience that's enriched by a lot of their classmates' life experiences."

    Solomon Schuck, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Department of Professional Counseling


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