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  • University School Partnerships


    P-12 School Partnerships

    We are engaged in collaborative P-12 School Partnerships. Our partnerships with many local school districts provide multiple opportunities for our students to teach, tutor, mentor, and collaborate with P-12 students in local school settings. In addition, our faculty as well as the teachers and administrators in the districts collaboratively design and conduct research and professional development in a joint effort to positively improve P-12 student learning.

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    Middle Road Professional Development School


    The Professional Development School established by the Monmouth University School of Education and the Middle Road School (Hazlet Township) is a learning-centered community that endeavors to collaboratively promote and sustain: effective teaching and learning experiences which focus on the achievement of our students (pre K -16); mutual responsibility for the preparation of teacher candidates; professional growth opportunities for pre-service and in-service teachers, university faculty, and administrators; and inquiry, research, reflection, and “best practices.”

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    Common Sense Institute of New Jersey and Monmouth University


    The Common Sense Institute of New Jersey (CSI-NJ), in partnership with the School of Education at Monmouth University, is seeking to change the current policymaking dynamic by creating an informal “safe” space for policymakers, practitioners and scholars to exchange views, identify problems and brainstorm strategies.

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