• DiversityatMonmouth2

    Message from the President

    gaffneyAn essential component of university life is an opportunity to get to know and learn from students, faculty, and staff who come from different backgrounds. Most people think of diversity in terms of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, but it is far broader than that. One’s diversity encompasses a difference in social and economic status, state or country of origin, values, politics, religion, and many other factors that make each of us unique.

    The climate of a healthy campus community is one in which people value individual and group differences, respect the perspectives of others, and communicate openly. Communication is the key element to the success of any organization. So, it is with great pleasure that I offer this diversity Web page to the campus community as an information source and a testament of my commitment to a diverse Monmouth University.

    Paul G. Gaffney II
    Monmouth University