• Dr. Joseph F.Rocereto

    Joseph Rocereto  

    Associate Professor of Marketing

    Office: Bey Hall 152
    Telephone: 732-263-5713


    Dr. Rocereto received his PhD in Marketing and his MBA degrees from Drexel University.  His research is focused on the effects of brand anthropomorphization, branding effects, and self-concept congruities. His research has appeared in the Journal of Marketing, Advances in Consumer Research, International Journal of Advertising, Advances in International Marketing, and the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, among others. He has presented his research at leading national and international conferences.

    His primary areas of teaching, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels, include Marking Research and Consumer Behavior.

    He currently resides in Haddonfield, NJ.


    SPRING 2014


     DESCRIPTION: Aspects of marketing raw and semi-manufactured materials; industrial equipment of all kinds and other production goods; focus on product, market, and channel analyses.


    DESCRIPTION: Fundamental concepts involve marketing research including the role of marketing research, technology in the research process, designing the research project, gathering and collecting data, and analyzing the data and reporting the results.


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    Rocereto, Joseph F., Marina Puzakova, Rolph E. Anderson, and Hyokjin Kwak (2011), “The Role of Response Formats on Extreme Response Style: A Case of Likert-Type versus Semantic Differential Scales,” Advances in International Marketing, 22, 53-71.