• Dr. Gwendolyn Yvonne Alexis

    Gwen Alexis

    Associate Professor of Management

    Office: Bey Hall 237

    E-mail: galexis@monmouth.edu

    Telephone: 732-571-7523


    Dr. Alexis was born in Los Angeles, California, and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California, where she majored in Business and was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, the international business honor society. A member of the New York, New Jersey, and Florida Bars, she received her law degree from Harvard Law School. She earned a Masters Degree in Ethics from the Yale University Divinity School; and a Ph.D. in Sociology and Historical Studies from the New School for Social Research in Manhattan.

    Dr. Alexis is married to Erik Carlsson, a Swedish citizen whom she met in Nairobi, Kenya. He is a graduate of Gothenburg Technical Institute, and the principal of A&C Automotive Consulting, an accident reconstruction firm. The couple has one child, Sven Alexis Carlsson, a graduate of Harvard University and Columbia University Teachers College. Sven teaches Advanced Math at the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, Illinois, where he lives with his wife Sue Paik, Esq., a graduate of Harvard University, Dartmouth University, and Yale Law School (despite the fact that she was accepted at Harvard Law School where she could have obtained an equally fine legal education). Sven and Sue have no children, but they have a spoiled rabbit named Rampage.


    FALL 2011

    (BM 327-50 and -51)

    DESCRIPTION: This course explores the realm of acceptable behavior for a profit-making venture in today’s global environment. Our perspective is that of managers eager to have our businesses meet the legitimate expectations of the state (governmental authorities), of society, and of the diverse economic stakeholders—ranging from owners, investors, and employees of our particular enterprise to business colleagues within the same industry, all of whom have a vested interest in the maintenance of industry-wide codes of conduct, standards, and practices.


    DESCRIPTION: This course acquaints students with the practices, issues, terminology, mechanisms, and strategies of international business. We will examine cross-border trade and investment, competition in the global marketplace, national differences in political economy, the effects of widespread socio-cultural diversity on managerial decision-making, and the unique ethical issues permeating the global arena. In looking at the pros and cons of globalization, we will examine the international institutions that strive to bring law and order to the global community. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisite: Completion of BM 250, Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior.


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    Official Reports, Book Reviews and

    Bar Association Publications

    • 2009 and 2010 Annual Reports, “New Jersey Corporate and Business Law Study Commission,” Reports to New Jersey Governor Christopher J. Christie and the New Jersey State Legislature as required by N.J.S.A. 1:14-15 (P.L. 1989, c.163). Sole Authorship
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    • "Code of Conduct," Vincent J. Apruzzese Mock Trial Competition 2009 - 2010 High School Workbook, 2009. 7-11.

      Available online. In its 28th year with the 2009/10 competition, this is a statewide contest among high school teams in New Jersey with the winning team going on to the national finals. The competition is sponsored by the NJ State Bar Foundation.