• OnlineLearning

    If you are considering teaching an online course, you are encouraged to take MU's self-paced, online course, Preparing to Teach a Hybrid or Online Course. To enroll in the course:
    Log in to eCampus
    Click on Self Registration (top right of screen)
    Locate FRC 2-8-OL - PrepTchHybrid Course (Online) under Course Offerings and click the link to register.

     Best Practices for Faculty Teaching Online

    • Upload a faculty picture.

    • Provide clear instructions for interaction in the course.

    • Develop well-designed discussion assignments.

    • Provide deadlines for course activities and projects.

    • Provide 2 types of feedback- information and acknowledgement.

    • Praise students for quality work; communicate high expectations.

    • Select challenging tasks that foster critical thinking and active learning.

    • Identify “timely” feedback parameters in the syllabus.

    • Utilize a variety of teaching strategies to meet students’ preferred learning styles-visual power point, audio files.

    • Maintain weekly online office hours for student to raise issues and seek clarification.

    • Utilize a consistent rubric for evaluating online discussion.

    • Match tools and components of the learning management system (asynchronous chats, synchronous chats, online testing) to meeting objectives of the course.