• Frequently Asked Questions
    Undergraduate Advising

    What is the required GPA?

    2.75. It is both a Monmouth University and New Jersey Department of Education requirement.

    What if my GPA falls below 2.75?

    You will have to change your major to your content area. Special circumstances are taken on a case-by-case basis.

    Why do I have two majors?

    The New Jersey Department of Education requires all education majors to also major in one of the arts and science content areas taught in New Jersey schools. When you become a sophomore, you will have two advisors, one for each major.

    What are the subject areas?

    Anthropology, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Chemistry/Physical Science, English, History, History/Political Science, Health/Physical Education, Political Science, Mathematics, Music and Spanish.

    What Grade levels are available?

    Preschool through 3rd with Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Elementary, Secondary and K-12 (K-12 content areas includes Art, Music, Spanish and Health/Physical Education).

    What endorsements are available to enhance my education and marketability?

    Early childhood (P-3), Middle School (5-8), Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD), English as a Second Language (ESL), and Teacher of Supplemental Instruction for Reading and Math K-8.

    How long will it take to complete my program?

    Our programs overall are designed to be taken in four years. However, if you add an additional certification or endorsement, it can take longer.

    What will my Early Field Experiences be like?

    You will be assigned to diverse school districts for field placement experiences during your education program. In order to prepare you to become a highly competent teacher, the majority of your education classes will require field experiences.

    When can I do my Student Teaching?

    It is the last class taken as a senior. You must have passed your Praxis Exam before you are permitted to student teach.

    Are there student organizations and honor societies?

    Yes, there are several: Kappa Delta Pi; International Reading Association; Alpha Upsilon Alpha and the Council for Exceptional Children.

    If I’m interested in Study Abroad, what semester or year is the best time?

    Since you cannot take Education courses abroad, sophomore year or over the summer would be the best time. In order to plan accordingly, make sure you meet with your advisors as early as possible.