• Requirements for the Psychology Major

    Psychology majors focus on such features of the human mind, such as learning, cognition, intelligence, motivation, emotion, perception, personality, mental disorders, and the ways in which our individual preferences are inherited from our parents or shaped by our environment. Within the field, psychologists seek to educate, communicate, and resolve many of the problems surrounding human behavior. At Monmouth, we take a strong generalist approach to education that combines a breadth of experience with the mastery of key skills that will prepare students for a variety of careers and further avenues of study.

    Required Classes (27 credits)

    PY103: Introduction to Psychology
    PY203: Child Psychology, PY204 Adolescent Psychology, or PY205 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
    PY207: Social Psychology
    PY208: Abnormal Psychology
    PY220: Research I: Methods and Basic Data Analysis (4 credits)
    PY311: Research II: Behavioral Statistics (4 credits)
    PY320: Research III: Experimental Methods (4 credits)
    PY300+L: Psychology Lab (1 credit)
    PY491: Research IV: Thesis in Psychology (2 credits)

    You will take Psychology Lab (PY300+L) and Research IV (PY491) together, and typically will also simultaneously take a 300/400 level content course. In some cases you will take the content course before the lab/thesis courses.

    Required Electives in the Major (12 credits)
    THREE 300-400 level psychology electives (9 credits) such as:

    PY301: Psychology of Learning
    PY302: Memory and Cognition
    PY305: Theories of Personality
    PY331: Psychology of Women
    PY332: Psychology of the Male Experience
    PY360: Intimate Relationships
    PY370: Sensation and Perception
    PY404: Animal Behavior
    PY407: Social Cognition
    PY406: Introduction to Neurosciences
    PY350: Evolutionary Psychology

    ONE course from the following list (3 credits):

    PY301: Psych of Learning
    PY302: Memory & Cognition
    PY350: Evolutionary Psych
    PY370: Sensation & Perception
    PY404: Animal Behavior
    PY406: Introduction to Neurosciences

    Requirements Outside the Major:

    MA105: Math Modeling in the Social Sciences (need to take before PY 220)
    PL101: Intro to Philosophy OR PY230 History of Psychology

    Social Science Elective (3 credits)

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