• Dr. Michaeline Skiba

    Michaeline Skiba

    Associate Professor of Marketing

    Office: Bey Hall 156

    E-mail: mskiba@monmouth.edu

    Telephone: 732-263-5862





    Dr. Michaeline Skiba teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses within the department, and graduate courses in the MBA program – Healthcare Management Track. Prior to her academic appointment, Dr. Skiba had a 20+ year business career during which she held senior management positions within three Fortune 500 companies and where she designed, developed, and delivered both line and staff management marketing and management materials. These programs centered on professional development topics that included pharmaceutical marketing strategy (pre-launch), healthcare symposia and colloquia (for CME and CPE credit), journal supplements, market research (focus groups and telephone-based interviews), professional communications, and a variety of management techniques.

    In addition to her business and teaching experience, Dr. Skiba is a prolific published author of chapters in books and a number of journal articles that have won both national and international awards.

    Dr. Skiba earned a B.S. in education and biological sciences from Loyola University Chicago; an MSIR in human resources management from Loyola University Chicago; an M.Ed. in instructional technology from Boston College; and an Ed.D. from Columbia University.


    FALL 2012


    DESCRIPTION: Fundamental concepts involved in satisfying consumer objectives through goods and services; consumer characteristics; marketing system environments; middlemen; analysis of consumer and industrial goods; physical distribution. This course provides the student with a broad understanding of marketing, including the relationship of marketing to global, ethical, technological, environmental, and diversity issues; defines the marketing function and analyze the elements of the marketing mix; and provides students with a working marketing vocabulary.


    DESCRIPTION: Explores and applies alternative ethical and justice viewpoints to economic, political, and social problems inherent in contemporary business practice. This course presents a focus on management with an increasingly diverse workforce and increasingly complex criteria for measuring organizational performance. This course provides a broad understanding of ethics and stakeholder management, including the relationship of corporate social responsibility to global, ethical, technological, environmental, and diversity issues. It also examines appropriate business responses and management approaches for dealing with social, political, environmental, technological and global issues and stakeholders; develops an appreciation of ethical issues and the influence these issues have on management decision making, behavior, policies, and practices; and increases the extent to which social, ethical, public, and global issues must be considered from a strategic business perspective.



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    Marshall, K., Skiba, M. & Paul, D. (2010), The Need for a Social Marketing Perspective of Consumer Driven Health Care. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, Vol. 3(3): 236-257. In 2011, this paper received the Emerald Literati Network 2010 Award for Excellence.


    Skiba, M. and Paul, D. (2012). Has Gender Equity Improved? An Examination of the Challenges Faced by Professional Women in Leadership. Presented at the MBAA International/Business and Health Administration Association annual meeting.

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    Paul, D. and Skiba, M. (2011), There’s a Growing Market for Health Insurance, But It’s NOT the Market You Think: Health Insurance for Pets. Presented at the MBAA International/Business and Health Administration Association annual meeting. This paper earned a Best Paper Award in the Healthcare Marketing Track as determined by peer evaluation.