Kenneth L Campbell, PhD


PhD, University of Delaware

Office: Howard Hall, Room 343

Phone: 732-263-5269


Web site: KennethCampbell

Regularly Taught Courses:

Western Civilization in World Perspective I and II

History of the British Isles I and II

History of Ireland

Medieval Europe I and II

The Renaissance

The Reformation

Tudor-Stuart England

Power and Enlightenment: Europe 1648--1789

Historical Criticism

Philosophy of History

The Beatles


A specialist in English history, Professor Campbell is the author of Ireland's History: Prehistory to the Present (2014), The Intellectual Struggle of the English Papists in the Seventeenth Century (1986) and Windows into Men’s Souls: Religious Nonconformity in Tudor and Early Stuart England (forthcoming), as well as a new textbook, Western Civilization: A Global and Comparative Approach, Volume I: To 1715 and Volume II: Since 1600. He has been invited to present scholarly papers at numerous academic conferences and was awarded the Monmouth University Distinguished Teacher Award in 1995. He is currently working on a history of Ireland.

Selected Works:


Irelands historyPraise for Ireland’s History: From Prehistory to the Present

"Campbell has produced a masterly synthesis of recent scholarship to present a balanced history of Ireland from pre-history to the present. His clear and vibrant writing style and nuanced interpretation of the past makes Ireland's History both a "good read" and essential to an understanding of Ireland today" - Thomas Callahan, Jr., Professor of History, Rider University

"At last, a book that treats the whole of Irish history comprehensively and concisely. Every important topic, from ancient megaliths to the Celtic Tiger, is thoroughly covered with reference to the latest scholarship. Ireland's History will be the core text of my Irish history classes from now on." - Jennifer Paxton, Clinical Assistant Professor, The Catholic University of America

Praise for Western Civilization: A Global and Comparative Approach: Volume I: To 1715

western cv 1

"Kenneth Campbell, a professor of History at Monmouth University in New Jersey, has written an appealing, thoughtful, and much needed comparative history text, which would work well in any first-year college-level history course on Western Civilization. To fit 5,000 years of history into a scant 496 pages is an enormous (and perhaps impossible) task, yet Campbell convincingly succeeds in his synthesis, and he does so with elegance. The work is masterly and thought provoking, without lapsing into the encyclopedic blandness of many history textbooks." – Matthew Maher, Metropolitan State University Denver, from Teaching History

western civ 2and WesternCivilization: A Global and Comparative Approach: Volume II: Since 1600.

"With a multitude of texts available, Kenneth Campbell offers a refreshing and new approach to his subject in Western Civilization: A Global and Comparative Approach. Campbell does not attempt to give the reader a laundry list of names, dates, and facts, but offers a narrative interpretation of what is both successful and what has failed in the past. The text guides the readers to where we are today, encouraging them to analyze past methodology while concurrently giving them the tools to informatively evaluate the collective "global future."

The book is a pleasure to read with a clear and concise single-voice narrative that avoids academic jargon and exhibits a consistent writing style. It does not limit its focus to politics and the military, but offers a broader, balanced examination with the inclusion of social, cultural, intellectual, economic, and religious history… The author does a solid job of laying ideas and building blocks in early chapters that are revisited later in the text, leading to a continuity of facts." – Toni Nicholas, Red Rocks Community College, from Teaching History

and for both volumes:
"This text holds particular appeal due to its excellent readability, context and coverage for today’s college history teacher. It stands out among the many textbook options for college instructors, and provides an excellent blend of social, political and cultural history with the historical context necessary to make the human story relevant." – Jane Scimeca, Brookdale Community College

Praise for Windows into Men’s Souls: ReligiousNonconformity in Tudor and Early Stuart England

 mens souls"This is an excellent exploration of early modern English religious nonconformity, scholarly yet accessible. It would make a great addition to any undergraduate or graduate course." - Sharon Arnoult, Midwestern State University

This is a richly textured study of religious nonconformity and separatism in sixteenth and early seventeenth century England. The monograph explores the definition and development of religious identity as well as the contests over religious truth in England and internationally. Campbell analyzes early modern religious and political thought in the context of recent scholarly interpretation and debate in an engaging and accessible manner. His study will benefit early modern specialists as well as those new to the field. - Nicole Greenspan, Hampden-Sydney College