• Heidi Bludau


    Lecturer of Applied Anthropology

    Ph.D., Indiana University, 2012

    Office: Howard Hall 334

    E-mail: hbludau@monmouth.edu

    Telephone: 732-571-4479

    Website: bluehawk.monmouth.edu/~hbludau/

    Dr. Bludau's research focuses on the global market for healthcare workers. Her dissertation, “Searching for Respect: Czech Nurses in the Global Economy,” examines the motivating and mitigating factors that create a migration flow from the Czech Republic to other countries including the UK and Saudi Arabia. This work engenders a number of research interests including medical anthropology, globalization, postsocialism and gender. Her current research expands this work to consider the concept of the "global nurse" as a key player in meeting nursing shortages in developed countries.  Dr. Bludau's primary region of interest, Central and Eastern Europe, leads to additional interests in the history and anthropology of Europe and the European Union.

    Dr. Bludau teaches introduction to cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, ethnographic methods, food and culture, and applied anthropology.

    She also serves as the Career Advisor for the department.


    2011. H. Bludau. Producing Transnational Nurses: Agency and Subjectivity in Global Health Care Labor Migration Recruitment Practices. Special issue, "Health and Care Work in Postsocialist Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union,” Anthropology of East Europe Review. 29(1):94-108.

    2013. H. Bludau and P. Ezzeddine. Seeing Gender in Migration: An Introduction. Special issue,“Gender and Family in Migration,” Lidé Města/Urban People. 15(2):179-184.
    *special co-edited by Petra Ezzeddine and Heidi Bludau