• MA Specialization in World History (30 credits)

    The MA Specialization in World History offers opportunities to study historical connections between people of different states, regions, and cultures. Students in this specialization look at how these different groups and societies have evolved over time. In today's global environment, it's important for future generations of historians to understand the roots and traditions of the world as a whole.

    The World History Specialization allows students to explore historical events across national, political, and cultural boundaries. Common areas of study include the following:

    • Imperialism and Colonialismhistorydiscussion
    • Constitutionalism
    • Nationalism
    • Economic Networks, Webs, and Expansion
    • Slavery
    • Religious Exchange and Diffusion
    • Scientific Advancement and Development
    • Migration, Immigration, and Diaspora
    • Tourism
    • Media
    • Pilgrimage
    • Environmental Change
    • Exchanges and Diffusion of disease

    Students will look at how these issues have affected specific geographic areas, as well as relations between nations. In addition, they'll examine how world history has impacted local communities, towns, and villages.

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